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Annual Panic or Picnic?

Category H Compliance

It is that time of year when many pistol shooters begin thinking about their required shoots for licencing compliance. As a club, we are thinking about how busy the next couple of months will be, as many members need ‘a couple more comps’.

So please tune in for some sage advice.

There are several requirements to consider when holding a H category licence and firearms. The first is that you must maintain financial membership of a pistol club. This means that your fees must be paid on or before the due date, usually June 30 each year.

Secondly, you must notify Weapon’s Licencing of any changes to your personal information/circumstance, including your address and storage address. You can find more information about this here. Please also notify the club of any changes so that our records are up to date and you receive important information. Email and Facebook is our most used form of communication.

Keep copies of all information and paperwork regarding your licence and firearms. You will note that your Weapons licence comprises of 3 parts, the physical licence, the plastic Licence Card, the Licence Conditions, and your Weapons List. You are required to have your licence with you any time you use or possess a firearm. We recommend taking photos of this as well as any PTA’s for firearms that you obtain so that you have complete records if you happen to lose the originals.

Clarifying confusion around the required amount of shoots per year.

For each class of pistol that you own, you must complete 4-6 shoots per financial year. This amount is prorated if you have only owned a firearm for part of the year.

What does this mean?

Class of pistol relates to the calibre. In the first year of holding your licence you are allowed to own an air pistol and one other class of pistol.

Category H weapons are divided into four classes:

Class A - an air pistol;

Class B - a centre-fire pistol with a calibre of not more than .38 inch or a black-powder pistol;

Class C - a centre-fire pistol with a calibre of more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch; and

Class D - a rimfire pistol.

If you own 1 class of pistol, you will complete 6 competition shoots for each financial year that you own the class of pistol. When you purchase a different class of pistol, you are then required to complete 4 competition shoots for each class.

Example: If a person owns 3 handguns that include 2 classes of handgun, the licensee will be required to participate in 8 club-organised shoots conducted on 8 different days. At least 6 of these shoots must be handgun shooting competitions.

Club organized shoots at HIPC are our weekly competitions or the rolling competition. Although you are welcome to attend the club for your own practise, we do not offer club organized practises.

As we near the end of financial year, HIPC is conducting an extra C Class competition on the last Sunday of each month. This is the only way to have your C Class shoots counted, you cannot participate in a rolling comp for C Class pistols.

In anticipation of a busy few months and in support of our members we advise that there will be no guests allowed to use the range during June. During busy times you may be asked to limit your visit to 30 minutes.

If you have not completed your shoots by June 30, you will be asked to make a declaration when renewing your membership. HIPC is required, under the Weapon’s Act, to hold a record of members who have not completed their shoots. When renewing your licence, you will be asked to provide a copy of your participation record for the entirety of the licence period. If you have not completed your shoots each year, you will be asked to explain and possibly have your licence period limited.

The take away on all of this is that in order to comply with licence regulations in Queensland, you must:

· Carry your licence with you at all times you possess or intend to use firearms

· Maintain membership of an approved pistol club

· Complete the required amount of shoots for the classes of pistol that you own.

· Record each shoot in your participation record.

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