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We hold club competitions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as our main club competition on Sunday mornings. The range is closed to general shooting practice during competition times.

If members are unable to attend our designated competitions, we offer a Rolling Competition.


Tuesday evenings bring a variety of competitions including - 

Air Pistol

Single Action
(Western Action)

 Metallic Silhouette
(High Calibre)

Rifle competitions.


Thursday night is
IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) is the most challenging and exciting of the pistol shooting sports. This action orientated contest is a real test of a shooter's skills.
NOTE - In order to participate in IPSC at Hillcrest Indoor Pistol Club, licensed members/visitors must have completed an IPSC affiliated holster course. 


Our Sunday morning club competitions run through two seasons each year and give members the opportunity to compete and earn medals. Competitions continue between seasons.

Sunday afternoons*-

 Metallic Silhouette
(High Calibre)

*subject to range availability

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